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Date:2009-03-07 21:19
Subject:DI KO AKALAIN...

Grabe. di ko lang na-imagine ng sobra. Super conservative nya nung elementary pa kami. At naging School mate ko pa sya nung college, at nag-aral pa sya sa isang science school sa makati (malamang, isa lang yun). sad lang. siya pinaka-pretty sa batch namin nung elementary. kapit-bahay ko pa naman sya dati sa davila. nung college ko lang sya nakita ulit. snobby pa. anyway, ngayon ko lang nakita yung post sa yahoo groups namin.


mas ka-gulat-gulat to kesa sa pagkamatay ni Francis M., maging cover girl ba naman ng isang notorious men's magazine ang classmate mo mula grade 2 hanggang grade 6, na ka-row mo dati nung grade 6. ewan.

sayang. sana nag-paka-down to earth na lang sya. anyway, that's what she wants. I have nothing against it. It's just, so frustrating. for me ha. If sa iba okay lang, i won't say anything...

hanggang dito na lang. I won't say her name, nor the magazine that's she's with.

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Date:2008-12-27 20:13

It was a year full of responsibilities. As I have asked to God last January, I want to mature as a person. I want to be a responsible person. These are the things that happened to me during the year:

-I asked God for responsibility, He gave me a job and a special friend
-My mama died during this month. It was hard (really really hard), but God gave me strength and courage to face this tough situation.

The job that God gave me last month were not able to pay me during this month. But still, I believe that God gave me this for a reason.
-I still miss my mama during this month, and it was hard
-A happy month even though we don't have our salaries. God provided for us in a very miraculous way

-Recital month. First recital of PMC HCHS, although it was not beyond our standard, God still moved and it made our recital a praise to Him
-hehe..:) wala pa ring salary. Pero, we're still alive hehe

-I still worked for PMC because God wanted me. He taught me to be responsible in small things
-I decided to let go my other work so that I can concentrate on the work that God wants me to have

-Finally, I received my 3 months salary from PMC. hehe.. God provided us with a lot of teachers for June
-We had our General Assembly and other stuffs

-First month of work! WOW... I didn't imagine that having a full time job was so great! Prior to good salary, I was able to plan the things I want for my students
-I still enroll @ PWU, hoping to graduate. But I know that God's plan for me was to focus on my work... another bloopers from me

My birthmonth. I became 20 years old. I miss my mama so much. It's the first birthday I had that mama was not around.
-I struggle with my current students because I taught them from the beginning
-I also struggle with my violin lessons because I am not practicing much
-I bought my laptop! :)

-God gave me another opportunity to teach. He gave me 37 students at HCHS. I'm praying that they will learn from me.
-Someone contacted me to teach on their school. But I prayed about it pa
-I decided to stop my studies at PWU due to personal reasons. I wanted to pursue it, but something along the way happened. I asked God for another way so that I can finish my studies.

-I accepted to teach on the other school TPOFCLA (haba ng name eh). It's an ACE School. They gave me 23 students, from a 4 year old kid to 16 years old teenagers. It gained me salary and another responsibility
-still happy
-another family member was added to our household. Baby Sophia (her pictures are on the photos)

-Teacher's day! wow... We were blessed
-Sem break was this month. It was a time of rest and spend time with my family
-happy month. although I was sick...
-There are a lot of people who wanted to take violin lessons with me

-A sad month (kinda)...
-My 4th year students wanted to quit their PMC (practical music course), it's an elective subject
-I cried buckets of tears for them. I prayed for them and for myself as well. I wanted to be a good teacher to them
-I bought my new violin (Double purfling) and sold my old (bachendorff)

-The problem last month was solved, we were able to negotiate :)
-We attended Christmas parties, and received our one month salary and 13th month! weee
- I played on numerous wedding gigs and other stuffs
-received plenty of gifts
-greeted Jesus a Happy Happy birthday

...I don't know what lies beyond this point. I just know that God will give me a brighter year so that His glory will be shown. I praise Him for what He has done for me this year. I may have a rough start but God enabled me to finish it strong. :) I am in faith for the next year...

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Date:2008-12-26 22:03
Subject:The person I miss the most

I wish she was here with us to celebrate Christmas and her birthday... :) I wanted to tell her how happy we were even if she's not around. But still, we'd love her to be with us to celebrate this season, and greet her a Happy birthday. :) hehe

I miss seeing her doing this on our house... hehe.. :)

In her loving memory.. :) We love you mama.

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Date:2008-11-15 06:10
Subject:ep nga po!

I will not name the food company I called for delivery.

so, I called them... toot, toot, toot, toot toot, toot toot...

*ring, ring!*

and she immediately answered:
crew: hello, thank you for calling Food Morayta Branch.
me: ahh, papa-deliver ako.
crew: yes ma'am, telephone number po?
me: 7431976
crew: ah, san po sila located?
me: sa sampaloc
crew: san po sa sampaloc?
me: near UST Espanya
crew:  san po sa may UST?
me: sa F. Cayco St.
crew: exact address po?
me: F. Cayco St.
crew: Ep po? or Eb?
me: (sobrang confused?!?) ha? It's F (efff) Cayco
crew: oo nga po, Epp Kayko (that's the way she pronounced it)

...oh well. Natawa lang ako. Siguro nga mali lang talaga ako. hehe.. I just want to eat.

P.S. I will get my violin na tomorrow... I'm excited na. :) at answered prayer ako kasi may bibili na ng violin kong luma.. waw! :) galing lang talaga...

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Date:2008-11-10 05:10
Subject:I need a LG. :)

I really miss attending our LG. I mean, it's been a month since I was LG-less. Ate Weng was only available during Saturdays. Eh, Saturdays, I have tutorials with my students from Cavite, Manila and Quezon City. I enjoy teaching those people and sharing to them God's love.

Okay, I asked a lot friends from Galleria regarding their LG schedules. Well, most of them responded and told me that they will tell me.

But, I realized that I need to grow in my spiritual life and grow with other people (build friendships).

So, please reply if you know someone or you handle a LG during Sundays (around 2pm onwards)...

Thanks people! :D

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Date:2008-10-31 19:14

14 Days to go...

and you'll be mine!!! bwahahahaha!!! :)

I could not ask for more...

...I'm so excited, :) I can't wait to finish all my jobs from November 4-15... para mabayaran ko na tong si double purfling. hehe...

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Date:2008-10-29 23:32
Subject:ACEL's Album Launching!

See you there! :)

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Date:2008-10-27 07:58

really hard...

very hard...

biruin mo, tatapat ka pa sa bintana para lang makapag-internet.. hehe.

maybe i'll get used to putting my laptop near my window. Kaso weirdo... pinagtitinginan ka ng neighbors mo. (oh, btw, my room window is facing the main street) kaya mas weird.. hehe)

anyway, I'll get used to it. I'll use this wherever I like, especially if the signal is good... :)

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Date:2008-10-07 05:19
Subject:Hindi na ako magBLA-BLOG...

...dito sa multiply! hehe

sa ibang blog-site na lang para mas masaya! :)

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Date:2008-09-30 09:39
Subject:I want to graduate

Unfortunately, I will not.. YET! This is the year that I lose patience in waiting for my graduation day. I anticipated and planned my subjects and other stuffs, but, my plans are not as perfect as God's plans. hehe...

I cried last month when I realized that I won't be able to take my violin exam on the first tri. Pero sobrang 1 hour lang yun, then, napawi kaagad. hehe... I immediately and literally ran on God's word and repent for my stubborness. I really super want to graduate. Actually, I envy my work-mates who graduated already. But, good thing they are spirit-filled and they encouraged me a lot. Through them, I realize God's plan for me this year.

I realized that God's plan for me this year is to bring more people to Him. He wants me to focus on teaching kids this year. I was just so stubborn to enroll pa last June. Kaya this 2nd term, God really made a way for me to do His work for me this year. hehe.. so wala talaga akong takas. He even gave me another assignment in another group of people and so far from my hometown. Good thing saturdays lang yun, but very fulfilling naman kasi, the students there are really eager and it amazes me how they respond to my teaching and how they wanted to use it for God's glory.

Now, I still want to graduate, but I want God to be there with me while I play Bruch Violin Concerto Op. 26. :) I want to graduate in God's perfect time. I may not know when is it, but I know I will because God said so. I cast all my cares to Him (hmmm... easy to say, hehe, I need to act upon it.)

P.S. for those people who are anticipating my graduation this school year (family, super close friends, friends, long-lost friends) hehe. I can't make it. BUT I WILL make it. :)

for those people rin who thinks that I'm backsliding whatsoever or something happened to me (mga chuchu) that's why I stopped enrolling at school, well, mali lang talaga akala nyo, so don't assume much. I need to OBEY and be PATIENT...

sa mga batchmates ko sa pwu-music, hehe... sino ba mauuna sa atin? haha... miss ko na kayo (you know who you are)

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Date:2008-09-19 17:39

I was not a fan of them until JM introduced a very familiar song that I like when I was a little girl. Although Toto's music lived for 30 years in the airwaves (and counting), I miss their real sound.

They are so good. Skillful na, Sarap pa ng sound. I'm a classical and jazz advocate, but I learned how to love Pop Rock, like Toto's music. I watched them live at the Araneta Colesium. And I never knew that it was the last tour of Toto in the Philippines. Jm and I regretted that we didn't attend the first Toto concert at Aliw Theatre. Somehow, they were not fully marketed that time *so sad*

I was watching their videos at YouTube and their music is very unique, but can catch the XYZ class. hehe... :)

...I hope they can have a reunion concert or something (although not possible since Jeff Porcaro is dead already), or kahit sila Paich, Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Bobby and Simon man lang. hehe... Anyway, they are so old na. and I realize they have their own time in the industry, and it's the other band's turns to make their mark on the music scene...

Anyway, kasalanan ni JM to. Araw-araw ba naman nya panoorin ang Last Toto concert (Falling in Between). hehe.. that's why I blogged it.

Here's my ever favorite song from Toto "Stop Loving you"

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Date:2008-09-14 06:24
Subject:Maganda pala sa Manila Pen...

Kasi libre internet eh. Hehe... :) di tulad ng ibang branches ng starbucks..

Eto kwento nyan.

Anyway, today is the rest day. After the busy week, I thank God for SUNDAY. I woke up a little bit early, but more late than the usual wake up time. I was able to buy new shoes for my work. I was able rest and relax while watching Wall-E (very very nice! I love it!) syempre on my favorite movie theater (G4). Then, We (malamang I'm with jm) decided to walk along Makati Avenue. We thought of going to Manila Pen. It's really nice. Free internet even if we only buy one hot chocolate. :) Nice tambayan. Not so expensive (if you have enough budget). No terrorist (hehe). Nice Acoustics... :) Super nice talaga. May candle pagdating ng 6PM. Kaso dilim ng konti. pero nice talaga.

Kaya eto. Andito kami para gumawa ng trabaho. Kaso mukhang mas magandang magrelax dito kesa gumawa ng trabaho para bukas. hehe... Anyway, uwi na kami. Para maagang makatulog. Maaga na naman bukas... Busy, stressful but enjoyable na naman ang week ko ngayon. :D

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Date:2008-09-12 12:29

Yup. It's not an excuse. I was indeed busy throughout the week and the coming weeks.

I'm currently having so much load that I thought I can't contain. Well at least I managed how to manage it. hehe...

Thank God for His ever sufficient grace...

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Date:2008-08-14 11:05

On my previous blog entry, I wrote about finishing the race. This time I encountered a GIANT, while I am running this life race.

I was not so aware of it. not until this afternoon...

..okay a little bit chit-chat.

I was at work (hehe, most probably). We waited for our school operations head (Ms. Kim) for our teacher's mini-training and team building. As part of that, we watched "FACING THE GIANTS"... I think I was able to watch that before, super long time ago (okay sorry for the redundancy, I just want to exaggerate it)

I was deeply moved by the movie. I cried almost all the time. My tears just fell down like raindrops. I can't help but repent to God about the negative things I have been thinking these past weeks. I can't keep on thinking on what is impossible for God. All I can do is cry, because there is NO IMPOSSIBLE for Him...

...That story made me realize one thing.

God wants me to prepare my field before He pours the rain and let the grain grow for the harvest season.

I know some of us are on the "DESERT" stage. We may face the giants while we are on the process of running God's race for us. He wants us to prepare ourselves for the day of harvest. He wants us to not just finish the race with perseverance but to finish it knowing what the essence of the whole race is about.

Honestly, I'm in the season of encountering the giant called "FAILURE"... yes. I am looking on this roadblock for weeks now. I was not able to attend my classes due to works and other stuffs. and this lie goes on my head, "YOU WILL FAIL.." "MIGHT AS WELL CHANGE SCHOOL OR CHANGE COURSE..."


I know that God will honor my faith because of my trust in Him. If all else fails, God is my strength and my portion forever. I want to start doing it right not just tomorrow, BUT TODAY!

I realized that difference will occur only when you subtract something. We need to entangle a LOT of things in order to make a difference in our area...

So these are the things I need to do tomorrow: (IN GERMAN)
1. Wachen Sie sehr früh auf und suchen Sie Gott
2. Üben Sie die Violine mindestens 2 Stunden pro Tag
3. Für meine Kursteilnehmer und die Leute um mich intervenieren
4. Lieben Sie die Leute, ob sie sind entzückend oder unlovable… :)
5. Denken Sie an erfinderische Weisen, Kursteilnehmer zu unterrichten und sie mehr zu motivieren…

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Date:2008-08-11 07:45
Subject:Finishing the Race

I was deeply moved by the last night's preaching. I can't even log out from the internet just because I wanted to release this feeling. hehe... (sometimes I use other language to express what I meant... hehe. like on my previous blog entries)


God just reminded me why He send me to a music school. Even if my school is not a perfect music school (okay hurray to others because I salute your music school), but God wants me to finish my race there. I may or may not be effective but still I made my mark on that school. I was worrying about my upcoming violin exam. (yes, I do worry--some of my students say kasi that I look like a worry free teacher (and I thank God for His grace)) Well, I worry but I learned not to stay myself on that worry level. I was not able to attend my violin lessons these past 3 weeks, I think. Due to overtimeSS on my work. I was the one completing the lists of students and other statistical work prior to my teaching loads. Anyhow, I still enjoy it and have God's joy in my heart. Plus we had trainings on our school and other school events, so that makes our work more than we could ever imagine, but It's still worth our time. :) and we're are happy about it

Okay, so it came to my mind to transfer to another school, which is much cheaper and would help me graduate faster (since it will be only for 3 regular sems, unlike in pwu (trimester) 3+ sems).


God rebuked me. I was so hurt because I really want to graduate by 2009. I want my dad to rest and not think of my education by that time. I don't want to burden my family with more financial stuffs, because I know how hard it is to earn money. Although my intentions are good, but still it is not according to God's will. He wants me to graduate wearing my maroon and pink toga. He wants me to march at PICC or if given a chance to have an excellent graduation recital by march. God wants me to excel in my violin playing, and reach out the lost people. He wants me to be a person who not just plays the violin but who plays the violin for His glory. I was moved by yesterday's praise and worship. I want God's fire to burn within me, and I want Him to consume me with His fire.

God wants me to move on, leave the past behind, and finish the race. He did not send me to that school just to start a course, He wants me to finish it, just as my dad would want. No matter what happens, how gulo or how good the school I am in, I decide to finish it. I will not quit. I will persevere, even if it gets severe. :)

Hoooooooooooo..... saya mabuhay, lalo na kung alam mo kung bakit ka nabubuhay. :D

Signing off...
Liza E. Coroneza
-violinist, music teacher-

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Date:2008-08-08 23:14

Ich bin krank und von den Leuten müde, die über jemand sprechen. Sie sprechen gute Sachen nicht mit ihnen, aber anstatt geben sie böswilligen Klatsch über diese Person. Ich hoffe Sie der Anschlag, der es tut. Ich werde wirklich müde von Ihnen versuchend, der zu sein auf bedauert. Sie sind annehmen, um bescheiden zu sein und Ihren Fehler anzunehmen. Sie verursachen mehr Beschädigung dieser Person…

Unterzeichnen Sie weg!

이제까지 pitied 1개를 인 것을 시도하지 말라. 아닙니다 당신이 여자 당신은 이어야 한다 pitied이기 때문에. 당신이 하고 있는 무슨을에 다시 생각하십시오. 당신은 파괴할지도 모른다 또는 당신은 참으로 당신이 전에 사랑한 사람들의 생활을 파괴하고 있다. 나는 것은 모두 신이 당신을 하도록 말하고 싶다 당신이를 들을 것이라는 점을 희망한다. 당신이 무엇을 알고 있기 때문에? 신은 당신의 남편에게 원하지 않는다 당신을 한다 틀린 증언을…

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Date:2008-08-08 23:03
Subject:Different language, One theme...

Das ist eine meiner meisten ermüdenden Woche. Außer dem Denken an meine folgenden Viertel-Lehren ist das die Zeit, um interessanteres Zeug zu widerspiegeln, das ich meinen Studenten teilen kann. Und ich hoffe, dass sie es umarmen, weil ich innovative Weisen wirklich versuche, sie zu lehren, die Geige spielen.

Este es una de mi la mayor parte de semana agotadora. Además del pensamiento en mi siguiente cuarto de lecciones, este es el tiempo de reflexión materias más interesantes que puedo compartir a mis estudiantes. Y espero que ellos lo abracen porque realmente intento modos innovadores de enseñarlos tocar el violín.

C'est une de ma la plupart de semaine épuisante. En plus de la réflexion sur mon quart suivant des leçons, c'est le temps pour refléter des trucs plus intéressants que je peux partager à mes étudiants. Et j'espère qu'ils l'étreignent parce que j'essaie vraiment des façons innovatrices de leur apprendre à jouer du violon.

이것은 나의 소진 주 중 하나이다. 나의 다음 4분의 1 학습에 대하여 생각외에, 이것은 나가 나의 학생에게 공유되서 좋은 재미있는 재료를 반영하는 시간 이다. 그리고 나는 나가 진짜로 그들을 바이올린을 연주하기 가르치기 혁신적인 방법을 시도하고 있기 때문에 그들이 그것을 얼싸안는는다는 것을 희망한다.

これは私の排出週の1つである。 私の次の四分の一レッスンについて考えることの、これは私が私の学生に共有してもいいより興味深い原料を反映する時間である。 そして私はバイオリンを演奏するように私が実際にそれらを教える革新的な方法を試みているので彼らがそれを包含することを望む。

Chinese (Traditional):
這是我的一個用盡的星期。 除考慮我的下個四分之一教訓以外,這是時候反射我可以分享對我的學生的更加有趣的材料。 并且我希望他們擁抱它,因為我真正地嘗試創新方式教他們彈小提琴。

...es ist, damit Sie herausfinden, was ich bedeutete… :)

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Date:2008-07-24 18:08
Subject:Salamat! :)

Salamat sa mga nag-send ng birthday greeting sa akin. sa Friendster, multiply, facebook, at kung saan saan pa. :) 

kaya lang.

Meron akong isang friend na ineexpect mag-greet sa akin. Pero kahit "Hi" man lang hindi ako binati. Grabe. Anyway, hindi ako galit sa kanya. at naisip ko lang sya nung nagpabirthday party ako with my workmates at JM's house. Baka siguro inassume nya na may representative sya sa pag-greet sa akin. hehe...

Thanks to the following people:

1. Tatay Nazie, thanks sa pizza at pag-insist mo sa akin na mag birthday party kahit workmates ko lang ung andun. :D wag ka na high blood-in. :D

2. JM, buti na lang alam natin magluto ng italian pasta. hehe.. thanks. (no comment)

3. My fellow teachers sa ZPMI - Teacher Jowena, Maylene, RJ and Ian. hehe.. Thank you for eating my favorite home cooked pasta. Sana nasarapan kayo. Teacher Jow, thanks for washing the dishes. hehehe...

4. Those people who greeted me through multiply, Sandy, Abby A., Acel (CONGRATS! I hope tashi is doing fine), Kristine V., Ate Anj T., Cielo, Kuya Dindo & ate Bevs, who else? hehe...

5. Those people who greeted me sa friendster, ate gaiz, my hs friends mayer, krystle, analie (na-gulat ako dun ha!), Rossan

6. Kay kuya rommer... buti ka pa naalala mo bertday ko! hehe... :) thank you sa text

...at marami pang iba. Special mention sila kasi binati nila ako. hehee... :D anyway, I was very happy during my birthday kahit na pagod kami galing work. Worth it naman ung waiting sa food! :D

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Date:2008-07-19 04:20
Subject:Maraming nangyayari pag sumakay ka ng Jeep

Lalo na kung galing ka sa Doroteo Jose. Malamang. Sa araw-araw ba naman na ginawa ni Lord, lahat ng bagay mapapansin mo sa Manila. (yun lang eh kung ayaw nyo magpa-apekto)

Anyway, Isang araw, pauwi ako galing sa work ko. MagLRT sana ako, kaso onti na lang budget, so nagJEEP ako. From D. Jose to Nakpil. Bloody ang ride. Not to mention, maraming papansin na tao. Halimbawa, may sumakay na girl (medyo chubby), tas umupo lang sya sa aisle ng jeep, then humihithit ng favorite nyang rugby. Pinapalayas na sya ng jeepney driver. Syempre adik, walang pake yun. Kaya yun, di pa rin umaalis. So nung nasindak sya kay JM, ayun lumayas. Pagkalayas nya, sabi ba naman ng isang lolo sa loob ng jeep, "Maganda naman katawan ah..." .. nakakaloka naman si Lolo. Harabujee talaga! Anyway, bandang Lawton na, (malamang from D. Jose to Lawton eh mukhang inabot kami ng 20 minutes) si Lolo biglang sumingit. Tinanong nya kung ano ung dala ko. Tas syempre sabi ko "Violin po"... so eto ung mga pinagsasabi nya (according sa memory ko...

Lolo: Byolin ba yan iha?
Me: Opo
Lolo: Is dat e Bayolin? you play that
Me: (tumingin ako kay Jm tas ngiti) Harabujee argh.
Lolo: Naku! Pagpatuloy mo yan. Maganda talaga may alam kang instrument. Dati may kilala akong nagbabayolin. Pagka-galing galing. Sya pa nga ung tumugtog sa mga Marcos..
Me and JM: (as if naabutan namin ang mga Marcos!)
Lolo:... parang si Mozart. Kaya ako, tama talaga sabi ni Mozart. Maglibot libot ka lang at marami kang matututunan.
JM: Sige po lolo, baba na kami

Buti na lang nasa Malvar na kami. haha...

Marami talagang nangyayari sa jeep. Lalo na kung traffic. Kaya, eto ung mga tips kung may ganitong scenario.

1. Wag magdala ng kahit anong super visible things na weird sa paningin ng madla. (example: Violin (sabi ng iba saxophone daw, dahil rectangle ang case ko)

2. Ngumiti na lang kahit di mo marinig ang pinagsasabi ng ibang epal. Way of respect. Pero kung nanakawan ka na, eh sapakin mo na. hehe..:D

3. As much as possible, wag sumakay ng jeep kapag rush hour, imbis na 30 minutes lang ang byahe, eh magiging 1 hour and 30 minutes dahil sa grabeng traffic sa manila... argh.

4. Magpanggap na nakikinig sa iPod or mp3. Para hindi ka istorbohin. Mamatay sila sa kakaisip kung ano yung dala mo. hehehe.. :D joke lang

... gutom na ako. Peace sa lahat!

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Date:2008-07-14 09:04
Subject:20 Facts - about my close friends

...Part 2, this time it's about my close friends. 20 different people, who are very dear to my heart.

1. She always tells me, "O Liza, mag-ingat ingat ka nga. Tingnan mo dinadaanan mo, baka madapa ka na naman. Dami dami mong dala lagay mo sa ilalim ng bag mo ung wallet mo. Labas mo na pamasahe mo para hindi ka na magbubunot bunot sa bulsa mo or bag mo. Kumain ka. Kaya nga kita binigyan ng baon eh para maka-kain ka. Wag ka magpalipas ng gutom. Mag-ingat ingat ka nga!"... but all she wanted to say is, "I love you my bunso".. awww.. I deeply miss her...

2. Crush nya dati yung nasa Pinoy Dream Academy 2 ngayon. haha... at take note: ako pa ang ginawang tulay sa panliligaw dun. Come to think of it, 14 years old lang ako. Ako uloy napagkakamalang nililigawan nya. argh... anyway, things have changed now...

3. Super tahimik. Di ko naimagine na ang sipag nya not until the day he retired. at mas mayaman pa sya sa akin kahit na hindi siya nakatapos. I'm so proud for him. :D and I love him so much...

4. haha... ako unang nakaalam na buntis sya. :) I was so happy na magkakaroon na ako ng nephew kahit na sinampal sya ni Papa... anyway, past is past.

5. Grabe dati liit liit mo. You used to sing Blues Clues songs and act just the way the main character did it. hehe.. I hope you sudy well

6. Cute cute ng cheeks mo. Kahit maitim ka, cute ka pa rin. :) You are one of my favorite nephews I had...

7. Ikaw din cute. Good thing your mom listened to classical music when she is preggy with you.. Talino mo. I pray that you will gain more wisdom and knowledge as young as  you are... :)

8. Natatawa ako sa iyo. The gramming and singing. hehe... anyway, all I have to do is accept you.

9. Miss ko na to. She used to buy MCdonalds happy meal for me, syempre with toy. Complete nga ako ng collection. Natigil lang nung umalis sya. Now you have 2 lovely kids... Miss na kita.

10. Haha! natawa ako kasi ung mapapangasawa mo pala eh hindi pilipino. anyway, natupad ang gusto mo. hehe.. Kahit na suplada ka dati, buti na lang binago ka na ni Lord. :D at ikaw ang nagdala sa akin sa Kids Church

11. Loka. Kamatis ka talaga. hehehe... Inaaway mo ako dati kasi binigyan kita ng ovaltine na may halong laway ko (di ko na i-eexplain to)... haha.. masaya ako at I hope maging responsable ka sa bawat actions mo...

12. Gusto kita. Sana ma-hug kita sa birthday ko. Cute kasi ng heart shaped nose mo eh. hehehe

13. Pinapasarap mo ung pagtulog ko. Buti na lang nabili kita sa SM sa murang halaga... :)

14. Masaya ako at OIC kita. Cute cute mo and I can see the fruit of the spirit in your life.

15. Chenelin, wag ka pa-rebond. Cute ang curly hair bagay sa personality mo.

16. Cher, ayos yung kanina ha! :) hanggang tenga ngiti mo ah. One step at a time lang bro... baka maunahan mo pa si shombei. hehehe

17. Kuya ang seryoso mo. Pero minsan hindi ko gusto ung green jokes nyo pag free time natin. Sana wag maging malicious ang isip sa bawat sinasabi. ehehe.. anyway, bati tayo. peace!

18. Wag ka mag-cram.. next time take down your own notes. Para mas maintindihan ang lesson. Wag i-photocopy ang notes ng seatmate. tas magpapaturo sa akin.. hehehe...

19. you're so cuddly. I imagine you walking at night, just like a real chow chow... hehehe.... sana chow chow ka na lang para may doggie na ako. ehhe

20. It's all in your Word. You are the truth... :D I don't need to say more. I love you very much.. :D

...okay, I can sleep now!!!

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